5 Fantastic Money Management Lessons From Your Favourite TV Shows


If these are the questions that keep you awake at night, you most likely are a sucker for TV shows. You can gladly tell these people that they are incorrect as you are not wasting your time viewing TV shows. Rather, you are going through a learning experience by enjoying episode after episode of these programs.


Your favourite TELEVISION shows not only make you laugh or teach you ways to prepare best quality Meth, but they can also help you to learn vital life lessons and comprehend how you can manage your money better. Find more information on mypaymentsavvy.com from www.mypaymentsavvy.com .


Here are 5 amazing money management lessons from your preferred TV programs:


1. Pay all your financial obligations (Game of thrones) - If there is anything that you can gain from the Lannisters, it is that you should constantly clear all your financial obligations. Although their ethical compass might not be pointed at the right direction, they definitely understand the best ways to be the ideal customers as they always pay off their debts. So, if you have charge card expenses, home loan payments or other pending debts, you should pay them off completely and be debt-free. You may not get to claim the 'Iron Throne' however you can undoubtedly avoid being gone after by debt collectors.


2. Get a health insurance strategy (Breaking Bad) - If you are detected with a life threatening illness like Cancer, you ought to have a thorough medical insurance plan that can assist you care for your medical costs. Walter White has taught us that if we do not have the ideal medical insurance strategy, we may need to try drastic steps to earn more money and spend for our treatment in case we are confronted with a severe illness. Keep in mind, ending up being a Drug Lord is not actually a feasible choice for everybody.


3. Never ever forget to save money (Friends) - Joey begins earning a great deal of money after getting a part in the TV program 'Days of our Lives'. He does not save any of that money and instead spends most of it on getting a luxurious house, a weird statue of a canine and other such excesses. When he loses his part in the show he can no longer pay for such high-end and has to return in with Chandler due to being broke. Thus, the moral of the story is that you ought to constantly save some money for a rainy day. Like Chandler, your good friends might also try to help you out however life is not a Sitcom and you might not constantly be as lucky as Joey.


4. Don't misuse your credit cards (How I Met Your Mother) - If you cannot afford to pay your credit card costs, do not go on a shopping spree with your credit card. You ought to attempt to avoid spending too much with your credit card as it can get you in to a quagmire of financial problems.


5. Do not conceal additional money in your home (The Big Bang Theory) - Dr Sheldon Cooper is a fantastic guy with an IQ that is higher than that of Professor Stephen Hawking but regardless of that he doesn't understand the best ways to handle his money. He hides his additional cash in not-so-secret locations in his house which is never a smart idea. If you have some extra money like Sheldon does, you can invest the same in a recurring deposit or a repaired deposit account and make interest at the same time. Hiding extra cash under your mattress or in a snake can is never ever really a good option.


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